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Proceeds Benefit Orangutan Conservation and

The Center for Great Apes

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Luxurious, cruelty-free and palm oil free products.

One change daily can help Great Apes and other inhabitants of the rain forest.

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Proud to offer a deep palm oil free line for your entire family

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The orang utan needs your help!

Due to the Palm Oil industry:

  • 80% loss of habitat over the last 30 years

  • 90% population loss over the last 10 years

  • 50% probability of extinction in the wild within the next 10 years

Your purchases are vegan, aluminum free, cruelty- free, palm oil free and helps support:

Fun fact: Orang utan (Malaysian words that literally translate to "person of the forest") shares about 97% of our genetic makeup. 

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Seven Collections.  One Purpose.


Our signature PONGO line inspired by the orang utan.  Warm fragrances with a hint of spice inspire your senses.


Indah is the Indonesian word for “Beautiful”. Welcome to Indah - an exotic blend of floral and spice.

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A body care and clothing line that feels good and brings out the music in you! Vibrant and cozy with a Rock ‘n Roll edge. 

Rainforest Kisses_Web_png.png

Infused with the natural moisture of the rainforest, Rainforest Kisses lip balms bathe & fortify your lips with natural color.

Grape Ape_Web_png.png

Something for kids & the kid in you. Yummy aroma of our grape ape products - inspired by kids just like you!

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The Camp Pongo collection has everything you need for the great outdoors.  Life was made for adventures!

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 We are pleased to offer you clothing & accessories for pet lovers & grooming products for your four legged friends.


Pongo Lifestyle Gift Sets

Gift sets are being created.  Please check back soon!